PAVE Milwaukee

PAVE is dedicated to innovation and excellence, bringing the best resources to Milwaukee to drive exceptional governance within our Partner Schools. These schools are distinguished by the bold visions of their leaders.

Excellence in any organization is sustained by good governance and visionary leadership - that's why PAVE helps recruit, train, engage and support knowledgeable board members for its partners schools, including Woodlands School. PAVE helped recruit four board members with unique and needed skills to join the Woodlands School Board of Directors. PAVE also provides access to the funding and networks Milwaukee school boards need to realize their long-term vision for success. With a high performing board that works effectively with the Principal or CEO, schools can build and execute a strong business plan, implement a successful academic program that achieves impressive outcomes, and develop key partnerships that support and enhance their mission. This video helps demonstrate how PAVE's partnership helps strengthen Woodlands School and why Woodland's educational model is unique to Milwaukee.