Grades 7 & 8

Our 7/8 students approach reading and writing through daily vocabulary lessons integrated with grammar concepts, an exploration of a variety of writing genres and building skills as researchers and essayists throughout the year applying the Six Plus One traits of writing. Students learn speaking and listening skills through an annual student-produced program and participation in forensics, a public speaking and performing competition.

In Social Studies, students study ancient history through modern times in a two-year cycle. Other units of study focus on geography, world religions, and economics. Students learn a variety of note-taking skills as they prepare posters, PowerPoint presentations, and models as final projects.

The Carnegie Math curriculum combines cognitive and learning science with practical instruction to develop conceptual math understanding as well as deeper learning skills. Science combines research skills and a project-based curriculum to engage the whole child. Students complete a two-year curriculum that includes biology, earth science, astronomy, and chemistry.