Fine Arts

At Woodlands School, K4 through 8th grade children are exposed to a variety of techniques, media and research. They learn the rewards of craftsmanship and mastery of creative skills. The curriculum seeks to give children an appreciation for art forms across cultures and throughout history. Children learn to interpret and respond to artistic works at school or in museums, and within their community.

The goals of art instruction parallel and reinforce those of the basic curriculum. These goals are to foster and promote self-confidence, conceptual comprehension, creative exploration, and personal expression. The Woodlands art program fosters craftsmanship through critical thinking, valuing work and understanding the content of art. Classes meet twice weekly for studio sessions. The art process, art history and appreciation are emphasized.

Woodlands offers children in K4 through grade 8 a rich and varied music curriculum. A variety of approaches are used to help students develop expressive, thoughtful and active involvement in music. Woodlands is a participant in the Milwaukee Symphony Arts in Community Education program. Students at Woodlands work directly with musicians, vocalists, composers, conductors, dancers, and professional groups including the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, the Skylight Opera Company, and others. They experience music in performance settings as well as in the classroom. The Woodlands music curriculum integrates singing, movement, instrument playing, composition, and analysis of musical styles across cultures and through time to build an appreciation and an understanding of music for the joy of music!